My boyfriend’s twenty year old nephew got a brand new sports car (one of his uncles gave him the down payment and co-signed) and he made the comment that, “You are what you drive, and now, I’m the coolest kid in town.

This got me thinking…and worrying.  I drive a beat up old SUV that is eleven years old, has dents in the front from the horrible time I hit a deer, and makes wheezing sounds when I’m driving down the road.  So, does that mean I’m a used up old lady who will probably be headed for the junkyard soon?  I certainly hope not!  I still feel the old girl has a lot of life left in her—both me and my car.

So, now I’m thinking if the same holds true for writing?  Are we who we write about?  I can honestly say I was about 99% my heroine in my first book, TEXAS ROSE.  Lisa Parker was a very spoiled, rebellious, passionate cowgirl who loved as fiercely as she lived.  Every raw emotion, every burning desire I had ever had up to that point in my life were the elements I used to create Lisa’s character.  I believe each one of my heroines have a little bit of me in them, and my heroes are definitely all men that I could fall in love with, so maybe it’s true…we are what we write, and I’m good with that.


  1. I write what I know. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I have had some exciting experiences in my 55 years and have had the pleasure of knowing some very colorful characters. I’ve known everything from bordom and secusion, to playing with a live mortar shell when I was a kid, to finding two dead bodies. I’ve experienced love, lust, betrayal, heartbreak, poverty, abuse, witches, wiccans, a ghost, and a visit from a demon. I have Godly friends and athiest friends; gay friends and hetero friends; funny friends and straight-laced friends. I have friends who have overcome childhoods born into unimaginable horrors and friends who were born into wealth and privilege.

    I write fantasy but I have to admit that I draw from a vast cache of, shall we say, distinct backgrounds and cultures. My first thought was “no – I am not who I write about” but I have to admit that little bits of me are incorporated into my characters along with some traits, quirks, triumphs & tragedies of people who have made an impact on my life.


  2. Wow…you have had some incredible experiences, Patti! I believe that everything we have experienced in our lives finds its way into our books in one way or another and you definitely have a lot of knowledge to draw upon in your writing!!!


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