Do you have a treasured summer memory from your childhood? One of my favorite memories involves my little brother, rainy days and comic books. It seemed like every afternoon in the summer, we would have a rain storm. My brother and I would grab a coke (in the bottle), a Hersey candy bar and a stack of comics and race out to our old blue Chevy in the driveway. With the raindrops providing a steady rhythm on the roof of the car, we would devour our treats and escape into the world of fantasy and adventure in the comic book we had chosen to read that day. I smile every time I think of those cozy afternoons spent in the driveway. ♥ ♥ ♥

2 thoughts on “SUMMER MEMORIES

  1. I remember scorching hot days, having breakfast, getting washed and dressed as quick as i could and playing out with friends till it was time to come in at about 7 – 7:30. I would come in and raid the fridge and the pantry, then go to bed about 9.


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