As battle brews between the Utes and the white settlers in Colorado Territory, one bronze-skinned warrior will risk his honor and his life to claim the redheaded beauty who’s captured his heart.

5.0 out of 5 stars . This review is from: White Owl (Kindle Edition)
“I could not put this book down. I never wanted it to end. The romance was exquisite and exciting. I will definitely be reading more of her books.”

“This was her room,” Tate responded to White Owl’s silent plea.  “Look around.  She packed her belongings and asked our father to take her as far away from here–and you–as possible.”

As Tate’s words penetrated his mind, White Owl turned back to the room.  It was room…just a room, void of anything personal that could distinguish it as Rose’s room.  He stepped inside and took a closer look around.  It wasn’t until he noticed the shiny object laying on the bureau that he realized it was true.  There on the delicate white lace doily was the shimmering gold heart necklace he had seen her wear on several occasions when they had met in the barn or she had come to watch him at the Ute racetrack.  His insides twisted into a tight ball, and his knees felt weak as the reality settled into his aching heart.  She really was gone.

“See, I told you, Injun,” Tate spit out as White Owl remained unmoving in the middle of the room.  “Now, I want you off of our land.  I will shoot you dead if you ever come back.”

White Owl stood mute.  He couldn’t speak, but he did think about provoking the man so that he would fulfill his threat to shoot him.  Why would he want to take another breath if Rose was not here anymore?


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