I’m just going to say it….I seriously dislike Twitter. 140 characters including spaces?  Are you kidding me?  I can barely complete half of a thought in that tiny space, so writing anything profound or exceptionally witty is out.  What to post on Twitter wastes more time than I have to spare and I usually end up posting really dumb stuff that makes me wonder what the heck I was thinking.  Sometimes, I will even go back and delete what I posted.  Although, I don’t know why, because I doubt anyone noticed I posted it anyway.  Yes, this is my Twitter Pity Party post.

Much to my dismay, all the research I’ve done about building an ‘Author Platform’ says that Twitter is probably the most important of all the social media sites when it comes to getting the attention of agents and publishers.  Supposedly, Twitter is the easiest site for the publishing peeps to check out to see if an author has a following or a good connection with their fans.   Well, if that’s the case, I’m screwed.

I’ve been trying to spend more time on Twitter than I do on any of my other social media sites.  I follow twice as many people as those who follow me on Twitter and no matter how many posts I ‘favorite’ or ‘retweet’, I rarely get a response from anyone.  Now, as a writer, I’m used to rejection, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.  On Facebook and various other media sites, I’m just a social butterfly; on Twitter I’m the red-headed stepchild no one wants to talk to.

Since almost all of the people following me are other authors. I definitely feel I can learn a lot from the things they post.  But once again, the research I’ve done on ‘Author Platforms’ says that you want readers, not your peers, to be the majority of your Twitter followers, so I guess all I can hope for is that the authors who follow me will also want to read my books.  Or, once again, I’m just screwed.

With all this screwing going on, I should be having much more fun on Twitter than I am, but sadly, I just do it out of obligation.  I might learn to be a little more tolerate of Twitter since I’m serious about building a strong Author Platform.  So, hard as that is, and as much as I dislike it, I will continue to be my vibrant prolific self in 140 characters or less.   #see you on Twitter.  #follow me please?  #I follow back.




  1. Wow. Funny thing is; it’s the opposite with me!
    It’s hard for me to get people to engage on my blog (I think that may be because “Miss Opinionated” can appear a bit intimidating…well, my writing can come across as rigid and judgmental as well, but that’s beside the point. lol.).
    But on twitter, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. I opened my twitter in January and although most of my followers are also bloggers or writers, not only do I get feedback on twitter, but most of my readers are actually directed from my twitter posts.

    I found your blog via twitter. 🙂 It was a link for “BLACK HORSE.”

    If you’re anything like I am as a writer; sometimes we tend to over think things. You don’t have to be witty or clever on twitter, you can just be you. You’re a novelist and your books seem interesting. Maybe you should try just tweeting random lines from your books…I’m sure there are many that can spark interest. 😉

    As per your writing, you seem like an interesting lady; so you can feel free to @lettinggoofgone (that’s me) if it ever get’s too cold for you in twitterville! 🙂
    Despite your apparent suffering, this post was very enjoyable!


    1. Thank you for your advice, and you are so right, I do over think just about everything. I appreciate you following me on Twitter and on here. I already follow you on Twitter and I will definitely check out your blog, too. Happy Hump Day!


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