Thank you to everyone who has been taking the time to read my blog posts for the past week.  I have to admit when I decided to do ten days of posts about my new book I thought it would be easy.  No such luck.  For some reason, writing blog posts are so hard for me.  I can write 400+ pages for a book, but writing a couple pages for my blog is complete brain-damage.  Hopefully, I’m not boring you all too much.

So, here we are at day 8.  Superstition will be released on Friday.  WooHoo!  Today I’m sharing the blurb on the back cover of the book and one of my favorite scenes.  I hope you enjoy them.

Treasure lies deep in the Superstition Mountains, but is it worth the price…

Mateo Two Moons’ family has guarded dark secrets and unspeakable horrors for centuries. His Apache Blood Clan is dhampyre—half human, half vampire. But he will risk revealing the truth concealed in The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine, exposing his entire family, and even his own existence to claim his human mate and change the perilous fate of his clan.

Dawn Malone’s move to Arizona to teach middle school has expanded her horizons. Meeting new people, hiking the desert wilderness, and the lure of gold fever in the old mine is exactly what she needs.  The handsome Apache she encounters seems almost too good to be true.  Mateo Two Moon’s sexy, dangerous air draws her in, seducing her heart and soul. But her intrigue concerning the secrets he keeps turns to confusion and horror as she begins to realize the man she’s falling for could be something she didn’t even believe existed…

Even though there is no sex in this scene, it follows a very erotic episode, so the residual passion is still lingering as they enjoy an evening in Phoenix listening to Mateo’s favorite musician.  Several times in previous scenes, Dawn has made jokes about the old-fashioned term ‘swooning’, because being around sexy Mateo sometimes made her feel like she was losing control of her own actions.  In this scene, she finally gives into the realization that her gorgeous vampire truly does make her swoon.  To me, slow dancing can be almost as passionate as making love.  I hope I was able to convey the feelings of my hero and heroine’s deep connection, physically and mentally, in this scene.

It had been hours since their enthusiastic tryst against the wall in her apartment, but she was still radiating a special glow only an act of such intense sexual activity could inspire. A smile claimed her kiss swollen lips as she thought about the amazing man who waited for her in the next room.

 The vampire?

The unbelievable and secret world he claimed to exist in when he was away from her could not be as awful as it seemed if he was a part of it. But she was not going to think about any of that stuff tonight, she reminded herself. 

The music was beginning again as Joseph Red Feather started his last music set of the evening.  Grabbing her evening bag, she headed out of the ladies’ room. She had only taken a couple of steps, though, when the breath stopped short in her chest and her feet ceased to move.

Mateo was walking toward her. Like a sleek dark panther, he moved through the crowd on the dance floor. His long hair had slipped out from behind one of his ears, partially covering his eye on that side of his face, and tumbling provocatively over one of his broad shoulders. Wearing all black, and in this dim lighting, his raven hair seemed to blend into his black jacket and shirt, making it appear as if his thick tresses had no ending.

She reminded herself to breathe.

As he drew nearer, she could see the suggestive glint in his dark gaze. His thoughts were as transparent as the glass enclosure surrounding this rooftop establishment. Was he going to seduce her right here? Right now? She could only hope.

He was still several steps away, but his burning gaze was reaching out and touching her entire body intimately. His eyes moved over her with slow persuasion, before coming to rest on her trembling lips, which were parted with the panting breaths she was taking. 

If he kissed her right now, she was sure she would be the one who would lose control this time, and they might have a repeat performance of the one they had earlier tonight in her apartment—right here in the middle of the dance floor.

She drew in a ragged breath and unconsciously held it at the back of her throat for a moment before exhaling it in one sharp gust.

A slightly crooked smile curved his full lips as he held his hand out toward her. Her legs felt unsteady and weak on her sky-high stilettos. 

“May I have this dance, Miss Malone?” he asked in a deep husky tone. 

Swoon. Swoon. Swoon.

She stared at him with wide eyes. She couldn’t speak, so she merely nodded her head and reached out to take his hand. As their fingers entwined, Dawn was sure fireworks just went off overhead. He pulled her into his arms and they moved into the throng of other couples dancing to the slow romantic music. But she didn’t notice anyone other than the immortal man who held her in his loving embrace.

Her head rested in the crook of his neck and she breathed in the musky scent of his intoxicating cologne. One of his arms encircled her waist, holding her as close to him as possible. Their other hands were clasped together against their sides as they swayed to the haunting music wafting among the twinkling lights encircling the dance floor.

If it could be in her power she would never allow this enchanting night to end. She knew without a doubt this was where she had always been destined to be—in his arms now and always. As the music gently faded away, Mateo bent her backward with a graceful dip and leaned down over her. Time was suspended in this amorous moment as his mouth descended on her lips and claimed them with a tender kiss. It was more enchanting than a dream. And this was a dreamland Dawn wished she could stay in forever.

Tomorrow I will post information about release day on Friday and the places I will be promoting Superstition.  I will also do a Q & A if anyone would like to ask me any questions about writing or anything else.  Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.

Now available for pre-order in eBook and paperback! Watch for news about the release of the audio book.  Release date: June 9, 2017




  1. Love these scenes! I am so excited and cannot wait for the release of this book! So proud of you my friend! Congrats! XOXOXO


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