Join the Scarlet Rose authors for a night of books, fun and plenty of heat between the pages to keep you warm on these cold winter nights!

I’m excited to be spending this Friday night with a few of the other authors who write the hot and sexy books for the Scarlet Rose line at The Wild Rose Press.  Although I don’t have a release date for my first erotic novel, Superstition, I will be talking about this upcoming book, as well as anything else that anyone might be interested in talking about.  I hope you will join us all on Facebook Friday night for this fun event!

FYI…the times listed are for Eastern Standard Time.  I’m listed at 10-10:30 pm, but in my Mountain Time Zone it will be 8-8:30 pm.


Black Horse, a Montlake Romance, will be promoted on Amazon via 99 Romances for $0.99 in the US marketplace, starting 12/1/2016 and running through 12/31/2016.  This book will be offered at 0.99 USD during the promotion period.  If you have a reader on your Christmas list who loves Historical Romance Black Horse would make a perfect gift or stocking stuffer.  And it’s cheap!

Sioux War Chief, Black Horse, will wage the greatest war of his life to win the love of a beautiful white captive:


SUPERSTITION by Veronica Blake


I’m very excited to announce that I have sold the first book in my Blood Clan Series to The Wild Rose Press.  Superstition is a Contemporary Paranormal Erotica Romance and will be a part of The Scarlet Rose Line.  The release date is pending, but will be sometime in 2017.  I will be posting lots of updates once I know the exact release date.

Thank you so very much to everyone who encouraged me not to give up on this book. I couldn’t have done it without you!  xoxo


All of my family pictures have been taken down from the walls, packed with care in bubble wrap, boxed up and stored at my mom’s house.  All of the personal possessions I’ve collected through a lifetime of experiences have been stacked in an extra bedroom at my mom’s house.  My seventeen year old cat and all her belongings have been relocated to my mom’s house, along with some of my furnishings.  I’ve been trying to keep two houses running for the past nine months and it’s become more than I can handle.  A family friend will be moving in at the end of the month so that my home will not sit empty through the winter.  I didn’t want the poor guy to be surrounded by all my eclectic collections and walls and walls full of pictures and posters.  But, when I walk into my house now, it feels so empty and strange.  It’s still my house, but it doesn’t feel like it.  Have you ever felt like you’re no longer living your own life?  Like you’re just standing on the outside looking in, but not really a part of anything that used to be the life you once lived?  That’s how I’ve felt for months now, ever since the day when everything changed.

For the past nine months, I’ve been staying with Mom.  She’ll be 92 years old soon and she can’t live alone.  She and Dad always took care of each other, and now he’s gone.  Promises are easy to make, but not always so easy to fulfill, especially when grief overshadows even the best intentions.  I made a promise nine months ago that I would take care of Mom.  I won’t let Dad down.  It was one of the last things I said to him.  Besides, my parents never ever let me down.  Now it’s my turn.

I’m overwhelmed a lot of the time with all of my new responsibilities.  It’s hard to believe how much attention and care a feisty old one hundred pound woman needs.  Fortunately, Mom is still fairly self-reliant, but she is very stubborn and set in her ways.  But then, I’m stubborn and set in my ways.  My old cat is stubborn and set in her ways.  We are three hard-headed old ladies trying to co-exist in the old house my parents built over six decades ago.  I won’t lie, it’s difficult.  Sometimes, I feel selfish and resentful that my own life is on hold.  Other times, I’m grateful beyond words that I have this time to spend with my mom, because I realize we might not have a lot of time left together.  So, even though I might feel like I’m standing on the outside of what was the life I once lived, the rewards of the life I’m living right now are priceless.  Thanks Mom and Dad for teaching me what is really important in this crazy world…how to give and receive love unconditionally, even when times are tough.

Mom Kali


Is it a mistake to try to take your writing career in a different direction if you are already established in one certain genre?  If you’ve been following my crazy writing life throughout the years, you know cowboys and Indians are my first love, but I’ve always wanted to try my hand at writing something in the horror genre, too.  After eleven Historical Romances, I finally decided to give it a go.  I spent (or wasted) three years completely obsessed with trying to write a paranormal contemporary romance about vampires.  This project was in completely new territory for me. Everything I had written up to that point was about the Old West, a subject I had been enthusiastic about my entire life.  I had a really hard time finding my ‘contemporary’ voice, but once I finally found it, creating my vampire fantasy world was the most fun I’ve ever had while writing a book.  Unfortunately, I have been trying to find a publisher for this book for over a year, and that hasn’t been any fun at all.  Excuse me for a second while I toot my own horn here, but I just don’t get it?  In my humble opinion (and also in my daughter’s opinion) this vampire book is the best thing I’ve ever written.  Okay, I know, we don’t really count.

My plan was to write a series of at least three vampire books about the ‘Blood Clan’ that I was introducing in the first paranormal contemporary romance.  But whenever I try to work on the second book in this saga, I feel like I’m wasting my time…again.  If the first book never sells, why should I be writing a second one?

I’ve tried to write a new historical.  I keep wondering if it’s the genre I really should stick with because I’ve had a measure of success with my first eleven historical romances.  But, every time I try to work on the historical I start to feel guilty about spending my limited writing time working on something other than the second paranormal.  What if a publisher finally wants to buy the first one, and I’m not ready with the second book in the series?

In an attempt to try something entirely different and to get my mind off of my obsession with the paranormal book, I started writing a contemporary erotica, but after the first fifty or so pages I decided this genre just isn’t for me.  Although, I  loved writing the love scenes in my previous books, I’ve decided I’m just a bit too old fashioned to compete with the new and totally uninhibited writers of erotica, which by the way, I do love to read.  Instead, I’ll just continue to write my mildly explicate and beautifully romantic love scenes, while being totally jealous of all those writers who can write really explicate (and sometimes really raunchy) sex scenes that make me quiver and sweat in all ‘those’ places.  So, basically my attempt to venture into another unfamiliar genre was just another waste of my time and energy.

Rejection is the bane of a writer’s existence, but I have to admit, I was a bit spoiled.  Until the past year and the four rejections I’ve received for the paranormal, my first eleven books were published without a single rejection.  Of course I know how lucky I was, and perhaps now I’m paying my dues.  As a writer I’ve learned I have no choice but to be patient, because everything in the publishing world takes an extremely long time to accomplish.  But, it’s still hard to wait anywhere from four weeks to twelve weeks after sending out a query or the entire manuscript—no wait, it’s far worse than hard—it’s downright agonizing to wait so long just to get a form rejection email, or a quick reply from an editorial assistant that they are no longer reading vampire submissions.  Speaking of long, I guess I have no one to blame but myself since it took me too long to write my vampire book and the market is no longer hot for books about this subject.  But, I can’t help but ask myself, did I also make a drastic mistake by trying to switch genres when I was already an established author in another genre?

Now here I sit confused about what direction to take my writing career at this point in time.  It’s been so long since I sold a book (four years) I’m beginning to feel like I’ve lost all my writing mojo.  Every time I post something about writing on any of my social media sites I feel like a has-been who has no business even having a writing site anymore.  I know I just need to keep writing, but should I keep working on another historical romance or the next paranormal contemporary romance in my series?  I love both genres, but I can’t write two books at the same time.  Of course, this wouldn’t even be an issue if I would just sell that darn vampire book, but until that happens (positive thinking here) I have to figure out which genre I can be the most passionate about writing right now, and I need to do it soon before the last of that mojo-thing is completely gone.  Decisions…decisions…

question mark

Summertime: Dangerous for Pets, so Be Prepared!


For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s officially summer and it’s pretty darn hot!

And even though you’ve been inundated with posts to social media telling you to take precautions, we still hear stories of people who unknowingly put their beloved pets at risk.

So the good folks at the ASPCA are asking you to share this infographic far and wide. Let’s make this summer the safest ever for animals!


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Against All Odds—What’s Our REAL Chance of Becoming a Successful Author?

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Image and quote courtesy of SEAL of Honor on Facebook. Image and quote courtesy of SEAL of Honor on Facebook.

Many of you were here for last week’s discussion regarding What Makes a Real Writer? When we decide to become professional writers, we have a lot of work ahead of us and sadly, most will not make the cut.

I know it’s a grossly inaccurate movie, but I love G.I. Jane. I recall a scene during Hell Week (the first evolution of S.E.A.L. training) where Master Chief has everyone doing butterfly kicks in the rain. He yells at the recruits to look to their left and look to their right, that statistically, those people will quit.

Who will be the first to ring that bell? Who will be the first to quit?

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Years ago, one of my mentors mentioned The 5% Rule. What’s The 5% Rule? So happy you asked. Statistically, only 5% of the population is…

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