As I was literary dragging myself into work this morning at 7:15 a.m., thinking about all the stacks of papers waiting on my desk, worrying about my elderly parents, whom I stop by and check on every morning before coming to the office, agonizing over a meeting I had to attend today, and basically just hating life…the most extraordinary thing happened.   It was something I’ve never seen before in the little mountain town where I live and I’ll probably never see it again; it’s something I might have seen in a TV commercial or movie.  But wow, it touched me in the most amazing way.

Loaded down with my purse, my bag the size of a suitcase that carries all my necessities for the day, my coffee mug and my bitchy attitude, I sauntered very reluctantly up the sidewalk towards my office building.  And then, this young man—probably in his early twenties—came dancing around the corner, down the sidewalk and right past me.  Yes…dancing and smiling, and changing my entire world.  He was tall, thin, and wearing tan pants, a red hoodie and a burgundy knit cap.   Earphones dangling from under the sides of his cap were obviously providing him with a melody that was starting his day off in a spectacular way, because his expression was one of complete happiness.

The smile that came to my face was immediate and sincere.  I turned after he danced past me and watched him swinging his arms out to his sides like he was doing the wave, and moving his feet in rhythmic movements, until he was around the next corner and out of sight.

He was so unexpected, and what he was doing was such a simple thing really, but he brightened my day in a way he’ll never even know.   Thank you, Happy Young Dancing Man.   Even though nothing in my world has changed other than my attitude, I’m now having a spectacular day, too.


8 thoughts on “THE SIMPLEST THING

  1. Veronica, I am happy that you saw something that changed your day…was it a angel just dancing by that you thought was a young man?? We all go through the same thing, everyday, alone in our ou r thoughts about what lies ahead of us for the day. Thinking about our problems in our workplace or our homes or even worrying about other friends and what is going on in their lives. As a Sister who has a elderly Mother who lives by herself I constantly worry about her,
    but I cannot allow this to consume my day because I am truly blessed to have her in my life and enjoy stopping by and seeing her on my way to work every day. I try
    to bring her a “today gift” as we call it , something she would like to have that dosent cost much like a couple taco’s, or a piece of chocolate pie, or a small boquet
    of her favorite flowers..I don’t do this everyday but at least a couple times a week, it not only brightens my day but also hers and it is worth it for that smile on her
    face and the big hug I get…GIVING is a great word because gives back twofold…Thank you for giving me this great experience…I will look for my dancing man
    when I go to work or just smile and think of yours…

    thoughts and wondering


    1. Thank you again, Donna. I’ve always believed that if the words I write touches someone else in some way, then I’ve achieved my goal as a writer. Your words are always an inspiration to me, as well, because we have so much in common. I, too, am so very grateful that I am still able to see my parent’s everyday, and that they are still living in the home they built over sixty years ago. Next Monday will be their 65th Wedding Anniversary. I know how lucky we all are to have them still in our lives. I agree, that the young man I saw this morning was put there for some special reason, and I’m just glad he was there for me. I hope you find your dancing man today, too, and I’m really glad my ‘simple’ little story made you smile, too. Have a beautiful day, my beautiful friend.


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